New Music Video ‘Forgiveness’ with Jesabel and Justin Cooler Media

Singer-Songwriter Jesabel stands in front of a wooded background.Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with Justin Cooler and Jesabel in the production of Jesabel’s debut music video, “Forgiveness.” This was a fun and creative project to work on. We had variable lighting conditions and multiple outdoor locations, making for a full-day spent in the woods in St Johns and Flagler counties, running through our shot list and adjusting each scene to match the tone and atmosphere called for in the song.
I’m excited to share the video, released today with Void Live’s Local Music Spotlight, before the track becomes available (tomorrow) on streaming platforms.
I later returned to one of the locations we filmed in to make a few 4×5 black-and-white fine art prints. You can see the Pond Cypress prints in the gallery.

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