Lost Springs

More photos will be added as I can. Thanks for your understanding, Matt.

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  1. Hello Matt,
    My name is Patricia Metz and I saw your film “Lost Springs” the other day and I had no clue about the existence of these springs. I am retired from the U.S. Geological Survey after 37 years and worked on various spring projects, one being Warm Mineral Springs in Sarasota County. I am giving you this information because I would like to write about the lost springs for a national new letter that a friend of mine in DC is the editor of. She works for the Department of Interior in the communication Department. I like how you blended the art of Margaret Ross Tolbert with the lost springs story, it was very effective. I am hoping that writing about this subject in a national newsletter might get more exposure of the springs and dams. Again, working in hydrology in Florida for over 37 years I was not aware of these springs. It would be nice to get rid of these dams and maybe correlate with other dams that have been removed across the nation. These are my thoughts and if you are interested in me writing about the lost springs story let me know. I would probably need collaboration in terms of pictures and credits from you.
    Regards, Patricia Metz

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