The Lake Santa Fe Story (2016)

The Lake Santa Fe Story premiered in April 2016 at Melrose Elementary School in the charming community of Melrose, Florida. I so enjoyed my visits to this town and the time spent with area residents. They take such deep pride in their history and their lake.

Melrose might be a mirage, a past with charm and resolve, a future with main street parades and wrap-around porches. It might evaporate when you get close, with a whiff of long-lost citrus in the air. Or, beneath cheerful music and among hospitable neighbors, the ideas of this place might be real. I didn’t have the good fortune to stay, but on many quiet mornings looking across Melrose Bay I could feel the authenticity of kindness that resides here. I could see the passion rising through the spanish moss. If you’ve ever thought about stopping for a while when you’re driving down 26 from here or to there, you might just be thinking it’s a mirage too. I’d recommend a turn on an old dirt street. Go slow as you come down to the bay, to really see the shine in the jewel. There’s a bench down there you can sit awhile, and after a few more bird calls echo through the bald cypress, you’ll have your answer.

A benefit to help paint the historic school gym, the screening and production was a collaborative effort between Historic Melrose Inc., Melrose Business Association, Santa Fe Lake Dwellers Association and Alert Production Team.


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  1. James mayhair

    I am 66 years old now . When I was 20 .
    I fished over a large old wood boat at mouth of Melrose Bay. May have been a cargo boat a 100 years ago .grown up now. Still remember where it is

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